Mural paintings Mural paintings Where the wild things are A reading area A three wall mural painted in an alcove with seating. 204547898 Where the wild things are A reading area A three wall mural painted in an alcove with seating 204547900 Outdoor painting No1 A series of paintings outlining the history of the school and the area. The Trellick tower, the windrush generation, the school as two buildings over time, the Paddington rail disaster, a visit from Royalty 201084056 Outdoor painting No2 This painting is made up of the children's ideas about what school and learning will look like in the future 201084057 Outdoor painting No3 201084058 Outdoor painting No4 201084059 Jack and the Baked Bean stalk Two murals connected by a staircase. A Beanstalk winds up the stairs with quotes from the book along the way. There's even a giant lurking around one of the corners! The two main murals represent the beginning and the end of the story. 204363526 The Fairytale Mural 205004320 The Fairytale Mural 205004324 Jack and the Baked bean stalk 203961951 The Iron Man 203961952 The Rights of the Child 204547901 The Rights of the Child 204547905 Story book characters in the playground 204363528 Macbeth 203961953 Narnia 203961947 A parkland mural 204363524 A stage mural 201084168 Aliens wear underpants 203961988 The Hungry Caterpillar 203961987 A woodland themed library 204363530 The Twits 203961991 Kensukes Kingdom 203961954 Hansel and Gretel 203961989 The Rights of the Child 205004578 A woodland themed learning space 205004325 Office reception area. Rainbow fish 205004576 The Rights of the Child 205005050 Performing Arts Hall 205004632 Performing Arts Hall 205004633 Performing Arts Hall 205004634 Performing Arts Hall 205004635 Performing Arts Hall 205004636